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We, Saemin Electronics Industries Corp, were established in 1990 and have been supplying customer oriented technical function and service via computer based FA-SYSTEM and ROBOT CONTROL SYSTEM and PLC based various software as well.
We have steadily grown as manufacturing expert through great wealth of experience and know-how, after we started to produce gas automatic fusion machine from 1993.
We are enterprise which satisfy customer requirements by providing best products and service under management of convincibility and quality assurance system of ISO 9001 and in addition do our utmost practically to improve the quality of existing products, to settle promptly claims from customer and to develope new products.
The system for advanced composite technology is in demand under era of changing in international environment toward automatization of machinery and tools where industrial infra changes rapidly and the flood of new technology comes out.
Coming up to this demand, we would faithfully contribute ourselves to exportation and development of domestic gas industries by settling down as manufacturer of the World Class automatic fusion machine via continuous challenge and endeavor.
Saemin Electronics Industries Corp, would stand by you, as a progressive enterprise, which always think first of the safety and future of gas industries and tomorrow rather than today.
Much appreciated.






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