Electro Fusion Fitting system is electrically fusion jointing method that the gap between fitting and PE pipe is heated and melted by the means of resistance wires which are placed in the socket in the fitting. Each EF Sockets are controlled automatically by micro-processor and RMS value.

  • All functions are designed for ease of operation.
  • The display is equipped with back-lighting. This will enable operator to work in poor lighting and at night
  • Depending on site, fusion number is automatically changed and stored (up to 10 site names). Inputting site name can continuously connect fusion number and perform work even when moving from site to site.
  • You can see fusion content using view function without printing. (Black mark at abnormal part)
  • The built-in printer uses thermal paper (safe for 5 years). Outputting 1 fusion result takes about 1.5 seconds.
  • Change quantity of output current per hour is divided into 10 sections for output, so that reliability on fused material may be enhanced.
  • Output capacity is designed as 3600W (@220Vac) in order to supply stable output.
  • The machine is equipped with a bar code reader of convenient CCD type, which can read at once.
  • Stable fusion becomes possible thru accurate control of output voltage (8-50±0.2Vac) at the input voltage even with high voltage jumps.
Metal frame package(Old Model) Metal frame package(New Model)
tough suitcase (only 110V)Universal tip(OPTION)
  • Make sure to use the grounded power source for input.
  • Input cable must be more than 3.5sq, and use as short generator or input consent as possible.
  • Avoid passing of other objects over various cables.
  • Don't connect foreign devices to output cable and socket; keep them clean at all times.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure.
  • Avoid strong shocks.
  • Avoid water ingress; do not keep the device at humidified places for long time.

Operating voltage AC86 to 264V
Fusion voltage AC170 to 250V
Output voltage AC8 to 50V ±0.2V
Operating Temperature -23กษ to 49กษ
Dimension 380(W)X320(D)X270(H)
Weight 21Kg
Power consumed 0.1Kw~3.6Kw
Output current 2A~80A
Fusion data storage 200 Times
Fusion time 10sec to 5999sec

operating board

Clean up

You can move cursor
to 4 each direction
and set the date and time.

fusion result

fusion result
Cancel the selection.
Stop the current job

Start fusionSelect current selection.
Start the job.

Error message Description

Backup battery low
This message appears when the battery is low. It informs operator to replace the battery (AA 3.6V). The processor is equipped with capacity charger and backup battery enabling storage of data when not in use. When we are not in use, life of battery in storage is about 5 years
The processor is powered
by 220V only
Check input voltage.
Current input voltage : 110V
Input power for the processor ranges from 170 to 250V. Message will be displayed when processor is out of this range.
Check EF leads
to fitting connection.
Check if EF leads are connected properly to EF fitting. Re-connect the leads as required and then re-start fusion.
Processor leads disconnected
During fusion. Restart fusion.
This message is shown when the processor leads are disconnected during the fusion. Check connection and re-start fusion.
Possible short stab bind
Replace fitting.
This message is shown when the processor senses a possible short stab or bind condition during the fusion. Cut out fitting and replace it.
Memory capacity exceeded
Erase after printing.
This message will appear when the processor stores 200 fusions. Operator can download on paper or computer prior to erasing the memory.
Maintenance required. This message is shown when there is an internal error found in the processor, or the processor has been in service for greater than two year since last calibration








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